A spurge weed has become overgrown on a lawn near Wildwood, FL.

Weed Control Service in The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood, & Nearby Areas of Florida

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We offer weed control treatments to residential properties in The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood, FL, and nearby areas.

Our weed control treatments target crabgrass, spurge, clover, dollarweed, and other invasive weeds.

Weed control professional spraying a lawn full of weeds.

If you want your grass to thrive, you'll want to keep your turf weed-free. Weeds can quickly take over your lawn, making it look messy and stealing nutrients from your grass! To help you deal with the invasive weeds popping up on your lawn, we offer a 6-step weed control program that runs from February to January. Our weed control treatments target a wide variety of weeds, like crabgrass, spurge, clover, dollarweed, yellow nutsedge, and many more. This program also includes lawn fertilization, lawn disease control, and lawn insect control treatments to further ensure your grass is in tip-top health year-round! We offer this service to residential properties in The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood, FL, and nearby areas.

Our Weed Control Schedule

Without proper intervention, weeds can quickly invade your turf, competing with your grass for nutrients and space. Here at FertiGator Lawn Care, we follow a rigorous weed control schedule that involves 6 steps and is designed to keep your lawn free of invasive weeds. Here's a detailed breakdown of the weed control schedule we follow:

  1. February 1st - March 31st: Our first step in early spring begins with a pre-emergent weed control treatment to prevent weeds from emerging and stealing nutrients from your grass while it comes out of dormancy. We'll also eliminate any existing weed growth with a post-emergent treatment.
  2. April 1st - May 31st: We follow up our initial application with a post-emergent weed control treatment to eliminate any weeds on your turf.
  3. June 1st - July 31st: Our team will treat your lawn with another round of post-emergent weed control treatments to ensure there are no weeds that can make your grass weak during summer.
  4. August 1st - September 31st: Our post-emergent treatment in late summer to early fall will keep your turf weed-free.
  5. October 1st - November 31st: We continue defending your grass from invasive and stubborn weeds with another application of our post-emergent treatment.
  6. December 1st - January 31st: We cap off the year with another post-emergent weed control treatment in the winter. If necessary, we can also apply nutsedge and crabgrass treatments.

Our Weed Control Service Includes Lawn Fertilization Treatments & More

Weed control is an essential part of lawn care, but your grass needs more to remain in optimum health. A crucial aspect of keeping your lawn in tip-top health is to provide it with the nutrients that fuel healthy and vibrant grass growth. That's why our weed control service includes lawn fertilization, lawn insect control, and lawn disease control treatments.

Every time we visit your property to apply our weed control treatments, we will treat your grass with lawn fertilizers chock full of nutrients to boost its health. Our team applies our lawn fertilizers through a process called fertigation, in which we'll inject the treatments through your sprinkler system! We'll also apply preventative lawn disease and insect control treatments to protect your lawn from damage-causing diseases and pests.

Our lawn fertilization treatments are pet-safe once dry!

What weeds do our weed control treatments target?

A large crabgrass weed has grown on a lawn in The Villages, FL.

One of the primary reasons our clients love our weed control service is that it tackles a wide range of weeds, especially those that are common in our area. Below are some of the many weeds our weed control treatments target:

  • Doveweed
  • Crabgrass
  • Spurge
  • Clover
  • Dollarweed
  • Purple nutsedge
  • Yellow nutsedge

Maintain a weed-free lawn with our weed control treatments. Call us today to sign up!

Your lawn needs a lot of care and attention to keep it in its best health, and weed control is one of them. Here at FertiGator Lawn Care, we offer professional weed control treatments to residential properties in The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood, FL and nearby areas. Our treatments are highly effective and reliable at keeping your lawn weed-free. Call us today at (352) 314-2867 to sign up for our weed control treatments!