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what is fertigation?

Fertigation is a technology utilized by many golf courses and almost all plant nurseries in the country. We fertilize BETTER by using this technology to fertilize your property through the sprinkler system. The reason you may not have heard about fertigation is due to Fertigator being the only company providing this technology for residential markets. We have brought this great feature to The Villages!

It's all about the mojo!


Through years of research and testing we have developed  a unique blend of fertilizers plus organic bio-stimulants we call MOJO. Humic acids, fulvic acids, and seaweed extract are some of the stimulants we use to greatly improve plant and soil health. Our MOJO blend helps address the poor soils found throughout The Villages. MOJO is applied through your sprinkler system giving your shrubs, flowers, and trees ALL the nutrients they need! It also provides essential nutrients for the lawn which we supplement with granules/liquid fertilizers.

You will be amazed at the results!


Maintenance Services

  • Lawn Care
    Fertilizer, weed/insect/disease control

  • Shrub Care
    Fertilizer, insect/disease control

  • Home Pest Control
    Outdoor barriers, indoor anytime needed

  • Plant Bed Weed Control
    Liquid application to kill weeds/grasses. Pre-emergent to prevent most weeds.

  • Sprinkler Maintenance/Repair                   Tuneups (check, adjust, and clean heads). Repair or upgrade for better coverage.

  • Mowing  
    Mowing service available only south of cr 466a


  • Lawn Repair/Rejuvenation
    De-thatching, core aeration, topdressing, and sodding.

  • Landscape Installation
    Revitalize old landscapes, install new landscapes, block walls, mulch, and rock

Traditional methods supplemented by Automation

Lawns require more nitrogen than plants which we provide by using granules and liquid fertilizers. Weed, insect, and disease controls are applied manually to give you the best results possible. With Fertigator, you receive a traditional application that is enhanced through automation with the Fertigator unit. Our belief lies in BETTER fertilization = BETTER lawns.


We are committed to treating you respectively and honestly. There are lawn and landscape issues we cannot solve or have no effective treatment for, nature wins sometimes. Human error is always a possibility. We never encourage our employees to create excuses for an issue or use dishonesty to sell a service that is UN-necessary. That is our pledge to you!

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The FertiGator unit is small, attractive, and installed on the side of the house by the sprinkler system valve boxes.

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FertiGator vendor tent at Chili Cook Off in The Villages

Discover the Difference


We are focused on providing a professional service that is second to none. We are renowned in The Villages area for exceptional customer service, you come first! Let us help you create a healthy lawn that will complement your home. Our MOJO blend will enhance your property by providing micro-nutrients for grass, plants, and trees.

Fast, friendly, and efficient.

You are more than a customer, you are family! We look forward to providing you BETTER service.

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Let us show you how we are BETTER by providing the nutrients needed for optimal growth.


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"Two thumbs up! If you're searching for an honest, professional, reliable service provider, look no further than FertiGator. I’ve relied on the services provided by FertiGator Lawn Care for a while and have yet to be disappointed.”

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Before and after lawn repair