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 #1 Fertigation Company in
The Villages Florida!

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What Is Fertigator Technology?

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We are the only company in The Villages That offers Fertigation.

We will the Fertigator with our MOJO  contains 6 nutrients and micronutrients plus
12 organic supplements including humic and fulvic acids plus seaweed extract to
supply your shrubs with all their nutrient needs and also help supplement the liquid
and granular fertilizer we apply to your lawn. Mojo make your soil much healthier in
the long run. A Better soil creates a Better Lawn and Landscape.

Our Services

  • Lawn Care

  • Shrub Care

  • Weed Control

  • Mole Cricket Protection

  • Termite Protection

  • LandScape 

  • Lawn Repairs

  • Mowing south of 44

  • Trimming -south of 44


Let us show you how we are BETTER by providing the nutrients needed for optimal growth.


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" We Love how Green and Healthy our Lawn Looks Since we started with Fertigator Lawn Care"

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" We moved here 5 years ago and have been with them [Fertigator] ever since."

Happy Senior Couple

" We just love our technicians and how great of a job they do"

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