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Premier Residential Lawn Care Services in The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood, & Nearby Areas of Florida

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The Best Fertilization Program. Fertigation. For a Thicker, Greener, Healthier Lawn, & More Vibrant, Colorful Shrubs.

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Our Unique Approach To Lawn Fertilization

Our Standard Program includes manually applied liquid and granular fertilizers which deliver critical micronutrients to your lawn.

Our Deluxe Program supplements our standard program with fertigation. Fertigation uses our patented FertiGator unit and your sprinkler system to apply our proprietary Mojo® blend of organic supplements to both your lawn and shrubs with each water. The results are amazing!

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Lawn, Shrub, Irrigation, & Pest Control Services For Residential Properties

We are the premium, reliable lawn care, irrigation repair, and pest control service provider to residential property owners in The Villages, Florida area and nearby communities. Call (352) 314-2867 now to talk with an expert to discuss your needs and provide a service quote for your property, or request a quote from us directly online.

Expert in lawn care walking through lawn spreading a liquid weed control solution. Description Description
Lawn fertilizer spraying a beautiful lawn and landscape in The Villages, FL.

Lawn Care Program

6 Bi-monthly visits plus FREE service calls. Fertilization each visit , liquid and/or granular. Weed , insect and disease control as needed.

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A shrub is being fertilized and cured of any tree disease near The Villages, FL.

Shrub Care Program

6 Bi-monthly visits plus FREE service calls. Fertilization spring and fall (granular). Insect and disease treatments each visit as needed.

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An interior pest control specialist is applying a control solution to a kitchen.

Home Pest Control Program

6 Bi-monthly visits plus FREE service calls. Exterior barrier insect control each visit. Sweep eves near entries and garage. Inside treatment FREE anytime needed at your request.

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Landscape bed being sprayed with weed control to prevent any weeds and kill any present ones.

Plant Bed Weed Control

Bi-monthly or monthly visits depending on season plus FREE service calls. Post emergent to kill existing weeds and grass (No glyphosate or Roundup). Pre-emergent to help prevent future weeds.

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An irrigation system's pipes and monitoring system is being repaired by an lawn care expert.

Irrigation Maintenance
and Repairs

2 annual complete system “tune-ups” to provide proper operation of your system. FREE service calls and timer adjustments. 10 % discount on all repairs and upgrades.

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Termite infested wood with lots of termites crawling about working and consuming.

Termite Protection
and Treatment

Guaranteed protection includes annual inspection to monitor for activity. Free Retreatment if active termites found. $1,000,000 Repair policy if damage occurs.

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Healthy palm trees in a residential area near The Villages, FL.

Palm Fertilization

Granular fertilizer customized for the unique needs of Palms. Done spring and fall plus summer if needed. Palm spikes with extra key micronutrients are available for “rescue” situations on struggling palms

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An aeration machine at work aerating a lawn near The Villages, FL.

Core Aeration & Top Dressing

Core aeration with a golf course style piston driven machine that creates many deep holes for great results. Top Dressing by motorized spreader to add a light layer of compost / topsoil to improve soil condition. Hand leveling of low areas to smooth low or uneven areas also available.

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Map of The Villages, FL area and nearby communities. Map of The Villages, FL area and nearby communities.

Where to Find Us in & Around The Villages, FL

When our customers want quality lawn care and pest control service they call FertiGator Lawn Care. FertiGator Lawn Care is the best lawn care service provider in The Villages, FL area. Call (352) 314-2867 or request a quote online.

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The FertiGator Lawn Care Story & Mission

We are a locally owned lawn care company and have been dedicated to delivering the highest-quality lawn services to The Villages, Lady Lake, and other nearby areas in FL since 2005.

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