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Pest Control Services in The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood, & Nearby Areas of Florida

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We provide pest control services for homes in The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood, FL, and nearby areas.

Our team offers perimeter pest control, indoor pest control, termite control, and fire ant control.

A hord of ants are invading a kitchen sink and are in need of a pest control solution.

When it comes to pests, the crux of the matter is that they have no place on your property, whether inside or outside. We can help ensure your property is pest-free with our professional pest control services! Our team provides perimeter pest control, indoor pest control, termite control, and fire ant control services. From ensuring creepy crawlies stay out of your home to protecting the foundation of your home, we have your back. Since 2005, we have helped homeowners defend their properties from a wide range of pests, and we remain committed to doing the same high-quality service when we work on your property. Our team provides our pest control services for residential properties in The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood, FL, and nearby areas.

  • Perimeter Pest Control

    As homeowners ourselves, we understand that having pests in your home can be a real nuisance. Luckily, there are ways to prevent them from entering your home! Our team offers a perimeter pest control service that will block off entry points that pests can use to gain entry to your home. We will come to your property every other month to apply our perimeter pest control treatments, ensuring that we rotate our products regularly to give you effective results.

    Our treatment process is also meticulous. We will apply our treatments to your eaves and soffits around your garage doors, entryways, halls, windows, and doors. Our crew will also spray 2 feet up your building and 2 feet out onto your lawn to form a protective barrier that keeps pests outside your home.

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  • Indoor Pest Control

    Discovering pests inside your home is enough to send chills down your spine. We can help you keep your indoor space pest-free with our indoor pest control service. Our treatment process starts with our team finding out what type of pest has made its way into your home so we can provide the best treatment to tackle your pest problem. We use liquid treatments and baits to eliminate the pests inside your home, and then we'll monitor these baits to ensure they continue to work effectively.

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  • Termite Control

    Our team offers a termite control service to protect your home from these wood-feeding pests. When left to their own devices, termites will eat their way through the foundation of your home, which can cause severe structural issues on your property. Our application process involves injecting our treatments beneath the concrete slabs of your building to efficiently target termites.

    The termite control treatment we use remains effective for 7 years!

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  • Fire Ant Control

    Fire ants can be a real problem on your lawn because their mounds can severely disrupt the soil where your grass gets nutrients. These creepy crawlers can also bite you and your pets! We offer a fire ant control service to protect you, your pets, and your lawn from these pests. Our team uses a top-quality granular treatment that provides an optimal level of protection from fire ants that lasts for about 6 months.

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At FertiGator Lawn Care, we offer pest control services to residential properties in The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood, FL and nearby communities. Aside from deploying experienced technicians, we also make sure they are equipped with highly effective products to ensure you can enjoy a pest-free property. Give us a call today at (352) 314-2867 to sign up for our pest control services.