What Type of Fertilizer Is Best for Your Lawn in the Spring?
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What Type of Fertilizer Is Best for Your Lawn in the Spring?

Monday, April 08, 2024

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The winter months can be tough on your grass, even in warmer climates like here in Florida. To help your grass recover from any damage, it's important to fertilize it in the spring. When choosing a fertilizer, opt for a liquid one. Liquid fertilizers are great because they deliver nutrients to your grass quickly, helping it emerge from dormancy and start growing again. You'll also want to make sure that the liquid fertilizer you choose contains iron, as it'll strengthen your lawn and enhance its green color. As far as the applications themselves go, it's best to apply fertilizer to your grass once in the early spring and again in the late spring, before summer.

Use a liquid fertilizer in the spring to support your lawn.

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Fertilizing your lawn in the spring is crucial for its health. After all, it goes dormant during the winter and will need some extra TLC to wake up and prepare for the new growing season. However, not just any fertilizer will do; the best one to use is liquid!

Liquid fertilizers are ideal to use in the spring for several reasons. For one, they are quick-release, meaning that they won't take too long before being absorbed into the soil and providing nutrients to your turf. This absorption allows them to start working right away to help your lawn emerge from winter dormancy. Additionally, using these types of fertilizers will ensure that your grass has an abundance of everything it needs to get back on track with nutrient intake, jumpstarting new growth and gearing it up for the hot summer.

Make sure your spring fertilizer includes iron to give your grass its beautiful green color.

While most fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, other nutrients play vital roles in helping your lawn grow and thrive. One of those is iron, which is an important micronutrient. Because of this, you should opt for a spring fertilizer that contains iron. Iron will give your grass a vibrant green color and improve its overall health.

Iron helps your lawn produce chlorophyll, which is responsible for giving it its signature green hue. Without enough of this pigment, your grass may appear dull and lackluster. Not only does iron boost your turf's curb appeal, but it also makes it stronger against environmental stresses, diseases, and insect infestations.

Yellowing leaves, stunted growth, and slow development are some common signs that your lawn may be deficient in iron.

You should apply your spring fertilizer treatments twice.

In order to give your lawn the best chance of success as it emerges from winter dormancy, you should apply your first round of spring fertilizer in late winter or early spring, typically between February and the end of March. This is just when the weather begins transitioning from cool to warm once again, and this treatment will provide vital nutrients that kickstart its growth. After that, you should apply another treatment in mid-to-late spring, typically between April and the end of May, to replenish the supply of nutrients and ensure it's in good health before summer.

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